Who am I?

Rasmus Christensen age 42 years, Composer, Tonmeister and Guitarist.

Education: I have a Masters Degree in film-composing from  The Danish National Academi of Music and a Masters Degree as a Musician from The Royal Danish Academi of Music ; and a Bachlors Degree  as Tonmeister from The Royal Danish Academi of Music.

I composed music for theater, musicals, shortfilms and documentaries.

I am guitarist in the danish band Monday Midnight.

Music is my journey, a life long journey, my curiosity takes me new places, and keeps me constantly moving and awake. I like the dynamic of life, and use it in my music. I like the richness of feelings and precision in the discipline: Composing film-music. In all my works, it is always about, what is best for the film/project.

My music fits Drama, Comedy, Adventure and Thriller- Genre.

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